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Painting Parties

Completely custom painting parties for 5 to 50 people!



If your group is 8 people or less, I can host them at my in-home art studio in Spokane Valley. If not, I am happy to come to you. Travel time will be factored into the price. 



I will work with you to decide what I teach at your event. We could do a guided painting, where I show each step of a particular painting (acrylic or watercolor) to the whole group and everyone follows along. Another option is to focus on technique and allow for more creativity after the lesson.

photo-output 10.JPG


The price for a painting party will depend on how many people are in your group, how far I'm required to travel, the length of your event, and if you need me to supply materials. In general, the lowest price I can offer is about $50/hour. Please reach out for an estimate based on your plans!

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