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Heather's Story

Heather Strong Brown grew up loving art, spending hours drawing and painting as a child. She took art lessons all through her schooling, including art classes at Mission Renaissance Fine Art. These classes in  the impressionist style art have heavily influenced her personal artistic style. 

Heather has a degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University. She taught as a math specialist until moving to Spokane for her husband to pursue a medical degree. After getting back into painting during the pandemic, Heather wanted to blend her two passions: teaching and art.

Teaching Philosophy

Heather believes that children should be able to explore their artistic side without being told exactly how their art should look.  That is why her lessons focus on teaching and modeling basic artistic principles and techniques, and guiding children as they implement those ideas.


Mediums used in classes include pencil, charcoal, chalk pastels, colored pencils, construction paper, watercolors, tempera paint and acrylic paint. Lessons in oil painting can also be arranged if desired. Children learn by practicing drawing and painting still-lives, working from photos and other paintings, and their own imaginations. 

Heather's goal is to give each child the artistic techniques and experience necessary to develop their own personal style. Children's art class sizes are small to ensure Heather can give each child the attention they need. 

Find Heather's Interview with CanvasRebel and more about her background below!

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