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  • Do you take commissions?
    Absolutely. If you like my style and are interested in a commission, please email me directly at
  • Do you do custom artwork?
    Absolutely. If you like my style and are interested in a commission, please email me directly at
  • Where can I see what artwork is available to buy?
    Please visit my Etsy shop to see what I currently have available for purchase:
  • My child will miss at least one class. Can we still sign up for the session?
    Yes! There is no problem with kids missing classes. I can get them caught up quickly if they need to be. However, refunds are not offered. Credit towards a future class is given for ONE missed class per session. If you sign up for a single class, please contact me ahead of time if you need to cancel.
  • What can my discount code be used for?
    Discount codes can be used on any group classes on my website (sessions or single classes). They CANNOT be used to schedule private lessons.
  • Can parents stay in class with their child?
    Parents are welcome to stay at most locations, however, due to a very small studio space, I cannot accommodate parents staying with their child for classes at my main in-home studio location. Parents are welcome to come inside and get their child settled and hang out until they are comfortable. I know it can be scary to bring your child's to a stranger's house - please feel free to contact me about stopping by to meet me ahead of time if you'd like. If your child will not stay in class without you, consider waiting for the next session, or signing up for a private lesson or class at another location. I also find that having a sibling or friend in class helps younger children feel more comfortable.
  • Do parents need to stay on the premises during classes?
    No! You are more than welcome to leave after dropping your child off at class unless the specific class notes otherwise. However, please be prompt for pickup.
  • Can I get a refund for all missed classes?
    No. Because my classes are so small, I need to be able to give spots to people who are willing to pay the full amount. Credit towards a future class may be given, but please see the course description for the specific absence policy.
  • My child missed class because they were sick. Can I get a refund?
    I usually offer credit towards a future class sign up for ONE absence per session. Please see individual course descriptions for more details.
  • How many kids are in a class?
    Class sizes are small - only 4 to 8 children - so I can give each student lots of individual attention.
  • Could you come teach a class at my home?
    I am open to coming to teach but you will need to reach out to me with more information to see if I’m available and what the price would be. This is an option for any age group.
  • Can I request a specific class?
    YES! If you are interested in having a certain class at a certain time, please let me know.
  • How many people can be in a private lesson at once?
    Private lessons can be for an individual or two or three people who would like to learn similar things. If you'd like to schedule a private lesson for more than three people, feel free to reach out and we can see what works for both of us.
  • Can adults sign up for private lessons?
    Absolutely! Any age is welcome for private lessons. Send me an email for more information or with questions at
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