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Private Art Lessons

Private lessons are a great option for anyone who wants extra one-on-one instruction in developing their artistic technique and voice. You choose what you want to learn! Mediums to choose from include sketching, watercolors, gouache, tempera paint, acrylic paint, and chalk pastels. 


What ages do you teach?

Private Lessons are open to all ages! I am open to working with people with special needs as well. 

What's the cost?

Private Lessons are $35/hour for one student , $44/hour for two and $50/hour for three (including all basic materials). If you want to schedule a class for more than three people, please contact Heather for more info. 


Where do you teach private lessons?

Private Lessons are taught at the in-home art studio at 8509 E Alki Ave Spokane Valley. Parents can stay or drop off.  If you're interested in having a lesson in a different location, please contact Heather directly. 

How many classes do I need to sign up for?

There is no commitment to sign up for multiple classes! You can do a single class or decide to sign up as often as you'd like.


Interested in scheduling a private lesson?

Please click the button below to see the booking calendar and choose an available time slot. I will do my best to keep the calendar up to date at least 2 weeks in the future. If you are available during regular school hours for a lesson, please contact me directly to set something up.

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