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Creative Kids Gift Guide 2023

This guide is not sponsored in any way. I genuinely love these products and think your kids will too! Click the title to see the product on amazon. Most or all of these items are also available at local art supply stores. 


Posca Paint Pens

These are a great option if you have kids who love to paint but don’t love to clean up their messes.

Prang Watercolor Paints

This paint set is my favorite high quality but inexpensive option. Vibrant colors, with lots of space to mix new ones too.

Sketching Pencils Set

For the kid who loves to draw anything and everything. I have the Steadtler brand but any sketching kit with different pencil options is great for drawing and shading.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Great option for more advanced kids who love to shade and blend with colored pencils.

Micron Pens

These are perfect for kids who love to create detailed artwork. They have a variety of tip sizes to fit any need.

Mixed Media Art Kit

This is perfect for the child who just loves to create with anything they can get their hands on! There are a wide range of kits and price points available on amazon and at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.

Art Classes Gift Card

Now that your child has all the supplies, give them the gift of art classes! Miss Heather will encourage their creativity while helping them build artistic technique.

Recommendations on where to purchase art supplies:

Budget Option: Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby’s store brand “Master’s Touch” is great and frequently goes on sale for 40% off. Check their online ad to see if it’s on sale this week!

Local Option: Spokane Art Supply

Locally owned and operated, Spokane Art Supply has a little of everything. They also have more expensive, high quality products than other art supply stores in the area.

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